Trash Can Man

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Eric is one of our newer athletes.  He did an amazing job on “Barbara” tonight! But he ended with the trash can in front of him.  I don’t think he met “Pukie” though. 

Becky has started a NUTRITION online group for everyone at Crossfit Creek. The group is for everyone to have resources available about Paleo.  Yahoo Paleo Group  Join the group and join in on excelling at fitness.  

Wednesday WOD

Double Unders (or triple the number of regular jumps)

Hollow Rocks

50 • 40 • 30 • 20 •10 

Cool Down


14  12  10

Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational


  1. ha, no pukie. Someday but not today.

  2. Way to go Eric, that’s where you need to be each workout. The queezies will always be there but you wont need the can after a while. Just make some sweat angels and then walk around the box a few laps.

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