Traveling CrossFitter

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Jeremy recently to a work  trip to Rio De Janeiro.  While he was there he visited Rocinha CrossFit Here he is pictured with the owner of Rocinha CF after they made a T-shirt Exchange.

2012 CrossFit Games Open

Take the step of choosing to be a part of the Official CrossFit Competition and see how you stack up with others in our region and country. This is your chance to taste what a CrossFit competition is like and put your skills to the test. No matter if you’re a veteran or have just started CrossFit, there’s a place for you.

• The workouts are released on Wednesday evenings of each week, beginning February 22

• Each Friday,  we will hold heats beginning at 6:00 pm and running approximately every 20 minutes. You will sign-up for your heat each week.

• Bring your friends and family; hang around afterwards for a cookout, and celebrate what may have been your first competitive experience.

• For those of you that want to register your results for kicks to see how you stand regionally and nationally, or in hopes to qualify for our Affiliate team, you need to drop $20 and REGISTER HERE before February 22.

So what are you waiting for? Register TODAY!

Tuesday WOD


Body Blasters*

Box Jumps

Burpee Jacks*
1 BodyBlaster = 1Pullup + K2E

1 Burpee Jack = Jump out to plank back up and jumping jack at the top


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