True Intensity

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Big travis 

You can actually feel the intensity and fatigue Travis is going through just by looking at this picture.  Only a CrossFitter can truly respect just how agonizing one feels when they get close to finishing up 80 bux jumps as Travis is about to do here.  Not too many people out there could withstand trudging through the daily WOD at 6 am every day, impressive work Travis.

2009 Fundraiser

June 13th we will have an All Gyms Open House celebration at our newest Training Center CrossFit Heights. Sign up in the gym for the Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser, as together we will be sending Graham and Brandon to the 2009 National CrossFit Games all expenses paid.


1 Mile • 1200m  800m Run 
100  75  50 Double Unders (regular Jumps if necessary)
100  75  50 Push Press 1/2 BW

Get it done any way possible, break up as needed

Cool Down

OHS  30  2 10 reps.

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities

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