T-shirt competition for time!

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Okay guys heres your chance! Design a Crossfit Creek shirt. Print it off and bring it into the gym.  Then we all vote on who's is the best.  go to… www.customink.com… and yes, just like anything we do at crossfit this is for time. Bring it in by Monday!

Troy heights 

Our newly certified trainers (Nick, Frank, Amanda and Tim) show there's never a bad time to kick a handstand.

O'Dell Fundraiser

Workout now posted. Get more information now!

Friday Team WOD

10 Dumbell Power Cleans

15 Pull-ups

20 Hollow rocks

Form teams of 3 (Active rest up push-up position). Rotate when all team members are done.

4 • 3 • 2  Rounds for time

Cool Down 

Run as a team 1 mile • 800 Meters • 400 meters

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