Always leading and learning

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Meg has been making huge gains in the gym from kipping pull-ups to learning that taking time off is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. She definately is leading by example!! Keep up the great progress!!!!

Tuesday WOD

10 Push ups

50 Choppers Men 70 Women 53

20 Push ups

40 Choppers

30 Push ups

30 Choppers

40 Push ups

20 Choppers

50 Push ups

10 Choppers

*Modify Push ups however necessary.  If your range of motion becomes jeoparadized go to your knees, the wall, etc.


Shoulder Mobility

CompetitorAdvanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Way to go Meghan!

  2. Good job Meghan! Maybe your next feat can be to teach Tim proper spelling, grammar and punctuation! Ha ha ha!

  3. Really cool.
    So what is the secret to kipping pull ups? Anything you can share would be great.

  4. @Maria and Doug-Thank you! And Doug, my English teacher duties begin and end with my students 🙂
    @Ramon-I still have awhile to go before I consider myself good at kipping b/c right now I can only do 5 unbroken. To initially get it, I had to do two things: strengthen my shoulders (still a work in progress) and just work on the motion itself. For strength I did banded strict pull-ups, holds at the top of the bar, and shoulder presses, 3 sets of 10, twice a week. I then spent some time after that (maybe 5-10 minutes) working on kipping itself. Casey warned me about spending too much time just kipping b/c of shoulder wear and tear, which was great advice. One day it just clicked, sort of like double unders. Once you get the main idea, you can work on specific parts of it…for me it’s remembering to push away from the top of the bar instead of just dropping! I bet if you work them 2-3 times a week you will have it in no time!

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