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Are you ready for the yolk?

4th of July Workout: The only class Monday July 4th will be 10:00am.  

Community Workout: July 9th 11:00am.  We have pushed it back a week due to the Holiday Weekend. Community workouts are open to everyone and a great way to find out what CrossFit is all about!  If you are a current client, be sure to bring a friend with you to the workout.

How to sign up: Email Mitch at mlyons@centervillecrossfit.com  If you are a current client include your friend's name & email address

Tuesday WOD

In 6 attempts of less find your 1 RM Weighted Strict Pull up

*if you cannot do pull ups work on your kip

(10 min time limit) Then…

Run 600m

Max set of unbroken Pull ups

Max set of unbroken Push Press

Rest 3 minutes.

3 Rounds

*max set of unbroken – means you can hang on the bar but once you let go or step onto a box you must move onto push press.  For unbroken Push press you may let the bar rest in rack position but once it comes down you take your rest.


Shoulder Mobility


All-Out-Effort 1,000 Meter Row

5 min. rest

All-Out-Effort 1 Mile Run

Record Total Time (including rest time)

CompetitorAdvanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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