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"A family that prays together stays together"…and a family who does crossfit…

Becka: Since starting Crossfit in December of 2010, I have lost 12 lbs. My goal was 10! I didn't take measurements, but I am down two sizes in jeans, and no muffin top! I feel better in so many ways. Stress level is way down, sleeping better, I feel better about myself in general: more fit, stronger, my appearance, Jeremy(my husband) and I get along better, and we have something in common to talk about! The trainers at Crossfit are all so helpful, which makes me feel comfortable since I have never done any kind of training in my life, and I have zero coordination! Crossfit has definitely changed my life!

Jeremy: Crossfit has been a life changing venue for me and my wife. I started Crossfit the first week in January and since beginning have lost 12 pounds, bigger, stronger and faster. I quit smoking at the sametime and crossfit has helped me to stay clean. There are less expensive options availble, however what is your health worth to you? I know many people who go for the less expensive choice and never see results only a bill. Crossfit is a life style change not just a gym!

Tuesday WOD


Thrusters men 95lbs women 65lbs

Pull ups



Shoulder Mobility

CompetitorAdvanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Jeremy is that 64 oz of pinot? You two keep up the good work!

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