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On September 8th, 2012, Dayton International Airport will be hosting the 1st Annual Special Olympics Dayton Plane Pull. Teams of up to 20 will pull a Fed Ex Boeing 727-200 aircraft for time while raising funds for the Special Olympics. The top three teams in each division will be awarded trophies. 

Miranda Conner is organizing a Centerville Crossfit Co-Ed team. It is the goal to have a team of 20 members. In order to qualify in the Co-Ed division, the team of 20 must be comprised of at least 8 girls. So far, the following CCF members have agreed to be part of the team:

1. Michael Conner
2. Wesley Barnhart
3. Matt Chrisovergis
4. Stephen Cudd
5. Luis Cervantes
6. Dan Shisler
7. Jeff Sparks
8. Willy Fernandez 

9. Bethany Boughton
10. Miranda Conner

Each team has a fundraising goal of $750, which breaks down to $37.50 per member (if we have a 20 member team). So ask your family and friends to support you in this great event.

On pull day (9/8/12) Co-Ed Division members must be present by 9:30 am. Plane Pulls begin at about 10am, and are organized by division….Co-Ed being the first one.

There is a sign-up sheet on the counter and waivers that need to be signed in the folder under the sign-up sheet. If you sign up on the roster, please also go to the below link to join the team online. Donors can make contributions via the website as well. All waivers and contributions need to be complete and turned into Miranda by September 5.


If you have any questions about this event, feel free to contact Miranda Conner at mandm@woh.rr.com

Tuesday WOD

Front squat – work up to a tough 1 (take about 15 minutes to do this)

Rest 3 min

AMRAP – 85% of that @ 20X0 (this tempo is really important – basically it means no standing there and resting with the bar on your shoulders…really go to failure)

***record the number of reps on the board


10 rounds:

5 pull ups

10 burpees


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