Tuesday 5/20

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Always a great group on Sundays! These athletes make it happen week after week. Great job! If you have never been to “Sunday Funday” it starts noon every sunday!

Memorial Day Murph

This coming Monday (5/26) we will be doing our annual Memorial Day Murph workout! We will be having two class times on Monday at 9am and 10am.  We have a sign up board at the gym for you to reserve your spot!


1 mile Run

100 Pull ups

200 Push ups

300 Squats

1 Mile Run

Tuesday 5/20

Every 4 min for 5 rounds:

A1. Front squat @30X1; 2-3 reps

A2. db powell raise @3010; 5-8 reps


Every 2 min for 4 rounds:

B. db walking lunges; 12-16 steps


6 min amrap:

FLR on rings

*15 burpee penalty every time you drop


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