Tuesday 5/27

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Here our 8am and 9am Memorial Day Murph heats pose!

Please take the time to read this article by CrossFit HQ “Fallen But Not Forgotten” and “The Missing”.

We had 70+ athletes complete our annual MDM.  These athletes ran 2 miles, did 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, and 300 squats!  Be very proud of what you have accomplished but also don’t forget who we are honoring.


Tuesday 5/27

Every 2 min for 6 rounds:

A. Power clean 2 reps


Every 4 min for 4 rounds:

B1. RDL @2020; 8-12 reps

B2. wtd dip @20X1; 5-8 reps


10 min @90% aer

4 wall walks

5 DH2I on rings

20 double unders


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