Tuesday 6/10

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Over the weekend Willy and Tony competed in the Weightlifting State Championships.  Tony took home 2nd place and Willy took home 3rd (also winning the novice division). Both of these guys are long time members of CCF and and have decided to concentrate on Weightlifting full time. They train out of CCF and also with our friends at Dayton Strength and Conditioning.  We couldn’t be more proud of these guys and their hard work!


Tuesday 6/10

Every 5 min for 5 rounds:

A1. Back squat @30X0; 5-8 reps

A2. db torso row @31X0; 5-8 reps


15 min @80%

10 walking lunges

10 hr pushups

10 box jump step-downs

10 arch body rocks

10 hollow rocks


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