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Another typical scene here at the gym, people hanging out, stretching, leaving, coming in, just having good old fashion FUN!!

New emails Mitch: mlyons@centervillecrossfit.com

Graham: grahamspagnola@centervillecrossfit.com

Paleo Challenge is Over

Turn your notebook into your group trainer for scoring and come into the gym this week to get your new measurements, bodyweight, pictures and make sure you retest all of your pre challenge workouts/ 1 rep maxes.  We will be doing Cindy later on this week so we all can get our re-test in together.

Tuesday WOD

Box Jumps M 24" W 20"

Wall Ball Shots Red Target

Lunges (1+1=2) Paratroopers

21-15-11-915-11-9-7 11-9-7-5 reps

*Special Challenge – Wear a weight vest*


Double Unders 150100 75



CompetitorAdvanced Intermediate Foundational

Scale to capabilities




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