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 Brendan smashed the K2E WOD.  He did the first 50 unbroken.

If you're going to do the Paleo Challenge get your measurements recorded at the gym THIS WEEK. Bring in or pick up your Performance Journal. The Challenge will start on Monday, July 5th.

What you need to know about testosterone. From Marks Daily Apple

Wednesday WOD

Choppers 25 • 20 • 15 Unbroken
Wall Balls 15 • 10 • Unbroken

4 Rounds

If you start off going competitor and you have to rest during one of your sets then you will not be able to finish Competitor. 

Hang Squat Clean 30 • 20 • 10

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. Allison B. says:

    Good WOD…my KB and DB still havent come in so got to do the choppers with a 25# bumper plate..made things interesting! Plus it was super windy ( assumeing from impending Hurricane Alex) which kept blowing the wall ball off target…ahhhh….the unknown….gotta love it 🙂 Miss you guys!

  2. Batton down the hatches! We miss you too!

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