Upcoming Events

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Columbus Weightlifting Mobility Seminar

We’ll be hosting a few events in the coming weeks in addition to the Tri-State Throwdown on August 10th. First up is the Mobility for Olympic Lifting seminar with Columbus Weightlifting on July 7th. This class will go into detail on the importance of mobility when doing the Olympic lifts as well as provide participants with an individualized prescription to improve their own positioning. The cost is $75 for the 2 hour course. Click on the following link or the Columbus Weightlifting graphic on the right to sign up! Scroll down to make sure you select the course on July 7th at Centerville CrossFit.

Sign up for the Mobility Seminar HERE


USAW Level 1 Coach’s Certification

Centerville CrossFit will also be hosting a USAW Level 1 coach’s certification the weekend of August 3rd and 4th. This course will take participants through complete technical progressions of the snatch and clean & jerk (power and squat variations) and includes theoretical classroom and hands-on portions. If you are interested in improving your proficiency at these lifts as well as learning how to teach them, this certification is for you. The cost is $495 for the two-day course. Click on the following link or the USAW graphic on the right to sign up!

Sign up for the USAW Level 1 Coach’s Cert HERE

Wednesday WOD

5 sets:

Above the knee squat clean + below the knee squat clean


2 rounds

400m OH carry

400m run

400m farmers carry




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