USAW Level 1 Coach’s Certification no classes Saturday

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USAW Level 1 Coach’s Certification

Centerville CrossFit will also be hosting a USAW Level 1 coach’s certification the weekend of August 3rd and 4th. This course will take participants through complete technical progressions of the snatch and clean & jerk (power and squat variations) and includes theoretical classroom and hands-on portions. If you are interested in improving your proficiency at these lifts as well as learning how to teach them, this certification is for you. The cost is $495 for the two-day course. Click on the following link or the USAW graphic on the right to sign up!

Sign up for the USAW Level 1 Coach’s Cert HERE


Guest Days

Due to the  USAW Cert and the “Tri State Throwdown”, Centerville CrossFit will not be hosting a Community Workout Saturday.  This month we will be hosting guest days.  The guest days will be Aug 7-9th.

What are Guest Days?

Guest Days are a time when anyone can come in and try 1 free class. We will only be taking 5 people each class.

Wednesday: 5am

Wednesday, & Friday : 6am, 9:30am, Noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Thursday: 6am, Noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm & 6:30pm

Steps to Sign up for Guest Days

1. Pick a Class

2. Email admin@centervillecrossfit.com to reserve your spot. 1st come 1st serve.

3. Show up about 10-15 min early to fill out paper work.

Tuesday WOD

A. Back Squat – 15min to build to a max

5min rest after BS max

B. Back Squat – amrap @30X0 @85% of A

C. DB RFESS @3010 8RM OR Barbell Behind the Neck RFESS @3010 8RM in 10min – weight is the db/kb weight or 1/2 barbell weight


2k row for time


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