Valerie's Paleo Story

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Today’s Blog post is written by Valerie Smith one of the members of 6:30 T/Th class.  Enjoy her story…Create your own.

“I’ve recently brought about a pretty drastic change in my lifestyle. It’s something I’m so excited about and has had such a profound impact on my life, that I think it’s almost unfair not to share it.

Perhaps you’re a friend of mine on Facebook and you’ve seen countless Instagram shots of the food I’ve been so proudly making lately. Or maybe you caught my brief mention of this Paleo Diet on my Coconut Squares recipe the other day. In any case, you might be wondering what it is I’m gushing about all the time?
Okay, here goes. My interest was piqued quite some time ago about a (somewhat radical) way of eating called the Paleo Diet—Paleo, as in Paleolithic. I did a whole lot of research and had started to consider attempting it, when 4 weeks ago my CrossFit gym issued a 50 day “Paleo Challenge” to all of its members. It was just the push I needed to give this thing a shot!”

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Community Workout


This Saturday, November 5 we will be hosting our free monthly community workout. The community workout will be held at 10:00 am and take the place of our normal Saturday workout. In order to participate, current clients must bring a friend. If you’ve already been to one, please feel free to join us again! Email Meghan at meghanphilpot77@yahoo.com and include the name and email of your guest if you are interested!

Friday WOD

Back Squats – 8 sets of 2 @ 70% of your 1RM

*Rest 1 min. in between sets


6 DB Push-Press

12 Pull-Ups

24 DB Lunges

Amrap in…10 Min.


Glute/Groin Mobility


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