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Centerville Crossfit "Bear Cycles" from Mitch Lyons on Vimeo.

Recap from Monday! Yay to videos! Nice job everyone tackling "the bear"


November 13, 2010 Centerville Crossfit and CrossFit Troy will be participating in the "Girls on the Run 5k".  Click on the link to Pre-Register.   Hopefully you can all attend! We'd love to have a huge group of CCF'ers! 

Thursday WOD

7 Push Jerks 3/4 BW

Strict Pull ups

7 Box Jumps M 24" W 20"

AMRAP in… 12 • 10 • 8

Grab a Partner 5 x 500m Row or 5 x 400m Run Try to keep splits close.  So one partner runs/ rows then as soon as they finish the other partner goes. 

Foam Roll

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. Hey Graham, I… we appreciate that! I feel, as most likely you do too, that there’s always room for improvement. I only hope and pray that we are doing the best we can for her. Good luck with you and yours and hopefully Avin and Ebene will be doing WODS together someday! See you tonight brother.

  2. This stinks none of the vidoes come up on the computer at work!

  3. I’m sorry it’s Avyn isn’t it?

  4. I can’t get them at work either, Eben…my school has it blocked as “R rated”. Ha!

  5. Thanks for the email forward Meghan, your interest in changing your way if eating is extremely impressive! One of our goals is to get every CVCF member on or partially on the Paleo.

  6. Yeah “R rated”. I guess we’re workout perverts or something? The human body is not supposed to move like that. Flailing on the pull up bar, jumping around, and gyratin hips and such.

  7. I feel like i’m a chatty Cathy or something. Now you all know where your hard earned tax dollars go to for city employees. Sittin around blogging all day

  8. No problem, Graham. And Eben, I should probably just ask my students how to navigate around it. They seem to be able to get on all their favorite websites despite the filters. : )

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