Voice of American Games Recap

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On Saturday, Ashley N, Val S, Mitch, Dave D, and Doug W represented Centerville CrossFit at the Voices of America competition, and they all did an outstanding job! The athletes were put through 3 intense WODs and came through with impressive performances. Some highlights:


Mitch came from behind in the 3rd WOD to pull off a second place overall finish in the FireBreathers division. He completed an insane “epic workout” that lasted a full 20 minutes and included weighted ring dips, weighted pull-ups, from knees-to-standing-on-platform jumps, wall-balls, wall walks, squats, double-unders and muscle-ups. Also representing the guys were Dave, who PR’d on his snatch in the 3rd WOD and had a strong showing in the 2nd WOD, which consisted of push-ups and deadlifts, and Doug W, who had a PR of 185 from ground to overhead. Both Doug and and Dave have been putting in a lot of extra time to prepare for this competition, and we look forward to seeing their performance in the upcoming Open.


After the first workout, Val was in third place, but pulled into a tie for first with Mitch’s sister Christina Roberts from CF Troy after WOD #2! Val finished with a very impressive 2nd place overall. Other than a year of gymnastics, Val considers this her first athletic competition; if this is where she’s starting, we can’t wait to see how she does as she continues her work with CCF! Also noteworthy is her clean and jerk of 115, her top clean was 85 lbs 3 weeks ago.


This was Ashley’s first CF competition, and she notes that it was a great experience. Her favorite WOD was a 5 round or AMRAP 7 minutes and she says, “The only thing running through my head was, ‘for the love of God please don’t amrap’!” She ended up winning her heat and finishing in 5:03. Going into the 3rd WOD exhausted, she pushed ahead, and despite dislocating her shoulder during the clean and jerk warm-up, she successfully pushed 130 during the competition! Aside from a great showing, she learned a lot of tips that will help her moving into the Open.  For example, she recommends all athletes familiarize themselves with the equipment, as she had a mishap after not prepping for pull-ups before the WOD. She also noted that she learned that anything can happen at a CF competition, and sometimes the strongest competitors are not always who you would expect on a first glance around the room, driving home the fact that skill, strategy, and determination are all huge factors in who stands on the podium at the end of the day.


Finally, Shannon, who traveled to Cincinnati to support our athletes, had the following to say about her observations:


Watching the competition on Saturday felt so different than watching people complete a regular WOD. You know the stakes are higher, and it’s clear to everyone they are pushing themselves to the absolute limit. They never complained, never wasted any time, and never gave up. Whether it was Valerie grinding out hand-release push-ups, Ashley tossing up 95-lb clean-and-jerks after popping out her shoulder, or Mitch fighting for every muscle-up in the very last element of the very last workout, they looked calm and determined.


I’ve always looked to Val and Mitch for guidance and help during workouts, but watching them in action was very humbling. I bitch and moan during tough workouts, and sometimes make mental bargains to make one part easier in exchange for going extra hard on another part. I really struggle to push myself out of my comfort zone. The athletes yesterday made breathtakingly hard workouts look easy, and they made me ask myself whether I’ve ever truly tested myself during a workout. When Mitch tells us to dig deep and complete another round at the end of a hard workout, he knows what he’s talking about. I hope I can draw motivation and inspiration from Saturday’s competitors as we start the Open workouts, and I can’t wait to watch Doug, Ashley, Mitch and Val dominate the leaderboard.


Monday WOD

AMRAP 20 mins:

5 DL (135/205) Light!

10 Burpees

15 Burpee Pull-ups

20 Sec. Plank


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