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James needs a new T-shirt.  Don't forget to vote! So we have a design chosen by Friday! 

Announcements ( Troy) :  New Sunday class coming this weekend!  Yep, you heard right CFT is opening up a new class that starts at 1:00pm every Sunday.  This is going to be a slightly different format than the usual.  1) There will be more emphasis on learning new skills 2) Your family, friends, or anyone else who would like to come try CrossFit out can do so for a free mini foundations session. 3)  The WOD elements will be chosen by the people training, so there will be a completely new workout consructed at the start of the class by you and the trainers. 

Halloween Party October 31st. (at troy)  Come dressed up as a Super Hero that you yourself have invented.  The decorations are going to be totally crazy you won't want to miss it.  (Thanks Janis for giving us a huge hand on the party decor). 

Thursday's WOD

321 Rounds of:

10 Power Cleans

15 Double Unders or 50 Regular Jump Ropes

Run 400 Meters

321 Rounds of:

10 Front Squats

15 Burpee Deadlifts

Run 400 Meters

Use same weight for Power Cleans and Front Squats

Cool Down

Jump rope 400 • 300 • 200

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities


  1. James Humphrey, Jr. says:

    Ha! I want a pair of them Five Finger shoes!

  2. Michael F. says:

    Is this going to be a Five Finger Mafia? You know; Mitch “The Big Toe” Lyons, Casey “The Pinky Toe” Strope, James “The Crooked Toe” Humphrey. Stinky Toe, Fat Toe, Two Toes, and No Toes are still up for grabs.

  3. James, what are you doing up at 5:30 am? Your turn to feed the baby?

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