Warrior Burpee Reminder

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Warrior jamie

Jamie demonstrates a warrior burpee.  Notice that he has to balance on the med. ball with one hand while going into a pushup (many ways to modify this move..so don't worry) and instead of jumping straight up and clapping overhead you have to do a side leap over the med. ball.  This increases the muscle involvement in the shoulder pressing off the ball and adds just a little bit of a flavor to regular old burpees.  Enjoy!

Monday WOD

Power Snatch

Warrior Burpees

Medicine Ball Cleans

Back Squats




(use same weight and bar for snatch and back squats.  Use same medicine ball for cleans and warrior burpees)

Cool Down

Incline Push-ups
50 • 35 • 20

Run the Block (weather permitting)

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities

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