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Our Progressive WAVE has started! Very soon people will be lifting a ton more 🙂 But if you haven’t done your maxes get them done asap.

 CrossFit Games Widget 

See the WODS our team will be doing this Sunday (above) 
Our WODs this week will be from sectionals that have been done over the past several weeks for the CrossFit Games qualifiers. Of course we will be scaling them but for the “competitor level” they will be as prescribed in the competitions. Enjoy.

“Alaska Sectionals” WOD

6 C2B Pull ups

6 Ring Dips

500 m row (SDHP M/45 W/30 reps)

6 Thrusters M/135 W/95

• 3 • 2 rounds

Cool Down

T2B 50 • K2B 40 • 30 • 20  reps

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational


  1. Matt S. says:

    I am all over this one. Nice.

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