We did it!!

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Stacy and Amie take time to collect themselves after the 4:30 strongman wod. I know Stacy is getting a refreshing drink of H2O but I'm not sure what Amie is doing, my guess is praying and thanking God the wod is finished. Great job team!! Be sure to show up every Friday at 4:30 to do a strongman wod. This is for EVERYONE so don't be shy!!

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 Monday WOD

1 RM Hang Squat Clean

20 min time limit.  Then…

6 Jump Squats

8 Warrior Burpees 

AMRAP in.. 5 min.

Rest 1 min. then…

Time Trial Run (In fatigue mode) 800m600m400m

Record both scores seperately on the board ex. 6+10, 2:05

Ankle and Calf Mobility (Trainer's Choice, can be done in Warm up) & Foam Roll

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. At that moment, I was trying to keep my lunch down. Haha!

  2. Get job ladies!

  3. Just to help clarify…if you come to the gym at 4:30 on Fridays you will be doing the strongperson workout…Also, it was the ladies that got this policy put into place so gooooo strong ladies!

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