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In crossfit we have modifications for everything to make sure you attain the level of intensity you need no matter if you're injured, a beginner, or an elite athlete. 

ANNOUCEMENT: Come workout at 10 or 11 on Saturday or just come support your fellow crossfitters in the last games wod!! BYOB and BYOM (bring your own meat), Doug is going to be bringing his grill so come enjoy a good time!!!

Wednesday WOD


9 Deadlifts Men 245 Women 155

8 Muscle ups or modified 24 Pull ups and 24 Dips

9 Squat Cleans Men 155 Women 105

AMRAP in… 20 • 15 10 min.

*Use the same bar for both the Deadlifts and Squat Cleans, just take some weight off or add some each time you need to.  Make sure you put the heavy plates on the outside so you can take it off faster.  ex. guys need to strip 90 lbs so put a 45 on the outside of the bar.


Hamstring PNF

CompetitorAdvanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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