Eye of the Tiger

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Stacy shows us what "being in the zone" really looks like.  If you have seen Stacey in the gym you know exactly what i'm talking aobut.


Master Your Nutrition Seminar, June 26th

This could be the most significant 2 hours you spend in the gym ever.

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Begins this Monday, June 14th! 

TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! On Ramp is for those that want, or need to take a slower, more gradual approach to starting their training. Maybe you're deconditioned (which means way our of shape) or feel your lacking a bit on the confidence side of things.  Or just want more time to settle into CrossFit.   Don't worry, the On Ramp will provide you with a smooth transition to get you on the road to becoming fit.  This is a 6 session program that meets three times a week for two weeks.  Contact Graham Spagnola for details. grahamspagnola@hotmail.com 

Wednesday WOD

30 Clean & Jerks

Unmodified Men 135lbs. Women 95lbs.


Hand Stand Push ups 20 • 20 • 20

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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