Week of Success Stories

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This week Centerville Crossfit will be featuring success stories. Very soon there will be a Tab on the site to view these also. 

Starting out will be Tonya! (and everyone note Becky in this picture… please comment)

"I had been semi-athletic all through high-school and some college.  I was on "again off again" with various trainers after college.  First of all, I thought on-ramp was going to be too easy for me, from what I had read in the description, but Matt reassured me that it was not going to be easy.  He was right!  It was sooo hard the first month, that I increased my life insurance.  I would go to bed praying that I would wake up in the morning, yet I came back for more.

    I remember walking into my first on-ramp class and the 5:30 class was finishing up.  I remember asking one of the trainers, "are we suppose to be able to do that after on-ramp?" and she said yes.  I said to myself, "yeah right and (rolled my eyes)"!  It takes a lot to get me excited and I am not easily impressed by anything, but this Crossfit is a tad addictive.  

    I am doing stuff in this class that I could never do as a teenager or in my early 20s.  Pull-ups, pushups…I would have never thought I could do several of them within a given time.  Oh yes, I could and should eat better than I currently do, but being involved in Crossfit at the level that I am now- I have still managed to lose 10lbs, definitely some inches, and I have more energy than I know what to do with at times.

    And yes, I am the resident complainer, but its therapeutic for me.  It's my way of talking myself into doing "Daniel" or "Cindy". I see myself taking Crossfit more seriously and increasing my intensity, decreasing my time, improving form and technique, and possibly competing at some point. 

A big thanks to the trainers and fellow crossfitters who motivate me and put up with my complaining and to Mark Bryner for mentioning Crossfit.


REMINDER: Don't forget Fight Gone Bad  and Street Fighter Challenge are this weekend! Please come and support! 

Tuesday WOD

50m Sprint

Box Donkey Kicks

5 Burpee Pull ups

10 •  8 •  6 Rounds

Skill:  Double Under Work 5 min. or

Work on your Goat 5 min.

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. Becky…Rain man….

  2. Becky this is a great pose…dont let anyone else tell you its not! In fact you should make it your FB profile pick (hahahahahahaha).

  3. that was BEFORE i learned how to dougie

  4. Looks like Becky’s getting ready to dance the Funky Chicken?

  5. Becky, were you ever a cheer leader?

  6. where did that pic come from??
    And further more…..whats a burpee pullup?? I know I went to public school. (lol)

  7. Toyna–you should be so proud of yourself! You’re one tough gal who always pushes me to do better. The complaining is well-deserved–I think it’s a cover for how hard you’re really working. Keep up the hard work and the wisecracks! 😉 It’s when you’re silent during the WODs that I really get scared…

  8. I miss the 6:30 class because Tonya was always fun to workout with. I could let her complain for me! She definately made me push myself harder trying to keep up with her on weights (until I just gave up). Good job and keep up the hard work.

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