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Tracy is quickly learning what it's like to be a crossfitter.  Hang in there and keep pushing forward, you're doing great!

Congrats to Mike for his hard work this weekend at the games!!! We all know he has earned it.  When your the top 6 in the world at anything that is an accomplishment few can experience.  What's truly amazing is that Mike has placed higher in CrossFit than he ever did in College Gymnastics.  He was at one time 2nd in the country in Gymnastics but now he can say he is the top 6 in the entire Universe!  Nice.

Strength Athletes: Remember you MUST have your 1 RM figured out this week in Deadlift, Bench Press, and Back Squat.  No exceuses come in early or stay through the next class just get them done. If you missed the seminar and still want to start the program pick up a packet in the gym. 

CrossFit Games Monday


Mike's first workout time 17:20 

400m Run

15 OHS Men 95lbs.  Women 65 lbs.

5 4  3 Rounds

Bar Roll outs (keep your hands on the bar, knees on the floor, roll out with your arms straight and try to touch the ground with your nose.   20 15  10 Reps

Competitor Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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