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We would like to give a big welcome to the over 60 people who took advantage of our Living Social promotion! We look forward to seeing you in the gym for your 4 boot camp classes and giving you a peek at what Bootcamp is all about. Our classes are offered on Monday-Thursday at 6:00 pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am, and Saturday at 9:00 am. You may flex the days you attend, but please confirm by noon that day so that we may program for our numbers. For any other questions, or to set up your first class, please email Meghan atmeghan@centervillecrossfit.com

Monday WOD

6 Rounds:

20 Sec. HSPU

Rest 10 sec.

20 Sec. Box Jumps

Rest 10 sec.

10 Burpees

10 Sprints (down and back =2)

Rest 2mins




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