We've come a long way!

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We have come along way since we opened and things have been very crowded lately!  Don’t worry we are moving into our own building very soon! We are planning on moving this weekend.  The specific time will be announced later in the week. But the more people we can help the better.   

Tuesday WOD 

Plate Overhead Lunges (across gym and back)
20 Double Unders (or triple the number of regular jumps)
5 4 3 rounds
Run 1 mile 

Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Mitch, you, Graham, and Becky have done a wonderful job in growing CrossFit Creek. Also, props to the people who made it happen; the trainees. You guys and gals are the best, and I mean this sincerely. You’ve not only helped make the classes better with your enthusiasm and coachability, but you’ve also responded with helping out in times of need. When any of the coaches need a hand, you’re there and you’re great about helping. Remember, your participation has helped Creek grow.

  2. get to help**
    and thanks you james you have a helped out a bunch too!

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