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If you were able to make it into the gym last week and complete the wods, regardless of the color, congratulations. Even Stacys shirt was making a "You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!" face.

Not all weeks will be this hard, the vast majority of them are much easier and less mentally exhausting but the fact of the matter is…sometimes we need to be pushed to our physical and mental limit.  Sometimes we need an unexpectedly tough experience to take our limits to the next level.  In life we can't always choose what color we want to go, there is no Red, blue, or green waiting for us.  We don't have any trainers with us making sure that our purple faces is just hard work and not heat exhaustion.  There might not be shade or water to keep us from overheating.  CrossFit prepares us for the unpreparable and unexpected just like last week…totally unexpected.  So if you thought last week was tough, you are not alone and if you survived 3 or more days give yourself a huge pat on your back.

Monday WOD

In 14 12  10 min….

Run 1 Mile 1200m  800m 

Then with the remaining time do as many OHS and Dips as you can.  Your score will be TOTAL number of reps added together for the OHS and Dips.  If you are better at dips then do more dips if you are better at OHS then do more OHS.  Use each one for a break from the other.

M 95lbs W 65lbs. and Ring Dips (no band)


Group stretch and Muscle up practice   

Competitor Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Thanks for the encouraging words! Last week certainly was difficult, but I felt like I accomplished something each night when we were finished.

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