white elephant shake weight

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Mike and Gretchen celebrate the holidays with their "white elephant" gifts. The infamous "shake weight" 

New Years hours

Friday Hours: All sessions on EXCEPT 6:30pm cancelled

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 2:00 Free "Try CrossFit" session. BRING A FRIEND!

CrossFit Endurance Featured in Triathlete Magazine 

Read the 10 page spread with great pictures


Thursday WOD

3 Strict Press

8 Broad Jumps (over your bar)

5 Push Press

8 Broad Jumps

7 Push Jerks

8 Broad Jumps

AMRAP in… 15 • 13 • 11 min.

 75% BW or more


Hamstring PNF

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. Looking good guys. Love the shake weights! Haven’t seen them in a WOD yet.

  2. They’re pretty powerful. I think I’ll use them for my push jerks today!

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