Whole 30 Challenge

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From July 9-August 7 we will be having a Whole 30 Challenge. This challenge will be fairly informal; there will be no cost to enter, and no formal measurements or meetings. Instead, this will just be an opportunity for anyone who wants to try (or redo!) a Whole 30 the ability to do so knowing others are participating, too. As always, there will be lots of opportunity to ask questions and share any issues via our Centerville CrossFit Paleo Page on Facebook. We will have additional copies of the resources we’ve provided for previous challenges, but we highly recommend the new Whole 30 book It Starts With Food (you can get this at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon). This book goes more in depth than the website, and provides a clear plan for those choosing to complete the challenge. We will have more info on this event in the coming days, so stay tuned!


We have 9 spots left for our July 7, 10 am workout. Please email Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com to hold your spot. Remember, yoga will be offered at 11:15 for members and guests alike for a $10 drop in fee.

Thursday WOD


5×2 Heavy

(-)10-15lbs and


* 2 Tall box jumps between heavy sets of GM’s


4 Rounds:

30 Sec. T2B

Rest 30 sec.

30 sec. DU’s

Rest 30 sec.

30 Sec. Pull-ups

Rest 30 sec.


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