Why Yoga?

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Why YOGA?!?!

Have you noticed we offer a yoga class? Doesn’t seem to fit does it… Well actually, it’s one of the best things we could offer to help keep your body moving towards your fitness goals. You see, more and more crossfit gyms are offering yoga. In fact, it’s beginning to become the norm and we’re slow to be normal (we already knew that though). More often than not we do our few key stretches, foam roll, and we’re out the door satisfied with our flexibility work. But the thing is, yoga helps with SO MUCH MORE than just flexibility. And one of the best things about our yoga class is…. our yoga instructor crossfits. Yep…. She has a self-experienced knowledge of what your body may be experiencing and just the tools to help get it out of it. So what’s the emphasis on SO MUCH MORE??? Let’s look….


Part of being a crossfitter is adding varied movements to your workout. Although it may not provide that high intensity workout that you experience in crossfit (it’s still intense), it’s going to work your body in different ways. For example, one day you may be working on heavy lifting and the next day in yoga your working on stabilizing the knee joints through standing balance poses such as tree. With this complimentary work, you will move in and out of lifts with greater mobility and stability. Another example; all too often women are worried that they will “bulk-up,” but with an added yoga practice, you are lengthening all those bulked up muscles to help create leaner muscles. No, your probably not going to turn into one of those photo-shopped “Strong is the New Beautiful” ads, but your muscles will recover more quickly and you won’t feel as cinched up.


Crossfit is not recommended to be an every day workout. Although it can be done, your body needs time to rest, restore, recover, etc. Your muscles need to heal. That’s not to say that you still can’t do some type of fitness, but intense quick lifting everyday can actually hinder your fitness goals. By adding in a yoga practice, you’re adding in something that will progress you towards your goals. It will still be a challenge for you…. Trust me. What you’ll find is, yes, more flexibility and mobility, but an increase in stability in your whole body and faster recovery time. You’ll find balance, which is essential to our health as we age.

The balance of workout is not the only type of balance we need. We also need the balance that is encouraged within the yoga culture. Physical balance is essential for our bodies as we age, but mind balance is essential for our lives as a whole. See, if you’re a fiery person, work a stressful job, always want to go-go-go, you aren’t balanced. Sure, you’re functioning and you think it’s working for you, but when you find a calm within, your less reactive- with people,your children, in crossfit, and with yourself. Trust me when I say, there’s more balanced to be had by all. But you have to want it.


You’re in that moment when you’re ready to deadlift- your focus is on butt back, knees forward, hips low, chest lifted, shoulders back, and BAM! Your presence is uncanny. In the slower lifts, form is easier to stay attuned to, but what about when doing quick lifts? When our body moves quickly it’s more difficult to keep the mind on the body when the clock keeps ticking, which means it’s more difficult to notice how it feels. That’s where yoga comes in- Body awareness. You learn how your body feels as it moves in space. With more awareness, you can also learn exactly what, when, and where your body may be tweaking: in lifts, in yoga, on a run, or sitting in a chair. You start to notice. When you start to find this new sense of awareness, it starts to show up in unexpected places: in an interaction with your children, sitting in traffic, an argument with your boss. You start to feel your body tense and relax. Eventually you start to notice your mind and how it gets tweaked too, and all of a sudden you’ve moved from awareness to presence.


The list could go on and on, but the gist of it is- Yoga compliments crossfit (and vice versa). It will most likely not be easy the first few-50x’s you do it. In fact, it may never be easy. But if it were easy, it probably wouldn’t benefit to you. And NO, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. We so easily forget that we didn’t instantly know how to walk…. It was muscle learning, which is exactly what yoga is. Also, we aren’t offering yoga to be contortionists; we’re offering it to compliment your fitness and crossfit goals. So if you fear that you’re going to be sticking your foot behind your head… well that’s just silly (we go for both feet, j/k). Here’s more about the actual yoga class.

POWER YOGA- SATURDAYS 11:15-12:30pm ($10 drop-in)-WHAT TO EXPECT

Our Power yoga class is roughly 35-40 minutes of yoga flow (vinyasa), which just means moving poses connected with breath, followed by some slow deep stretches. Vinyasa is meant to warm your body and then the deep stretches lengthen your muscles through holding poses. You are guided into the poses using verbal cues, glancing at others (in the beginning), and hands-on assists. Hands-on assists are meant to align you, deepen you into the pose, or bring awareness to certain parts of the body. The class is catered directly to the students that are in it, where they are at in their yoga practice, and is open to ALL LEVELS. Just like crossfit, your ego is not welcome here. There are students of different levels and you are not here to be like them. You are here to find your practice and use it to benefit you.

To see the full benefits of adding in a yoga practice, Justina recommends yoga, at least 2x/week in addition to crossfit. However, we currently only offer yoga once a week on Saturdays. If you are interested in more classes or private sessions, please contact her at poweryogawithjustina@gmail.com.

“Fight for your limitations and the prize is: you get to keep them.” NAMASTE.


PS- to hear more from a yogi crossfitter- see Justina’s facebook note:


Monday WOD

3  rounds

400m run

25 box jumps

25 thrusters



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