Wise Words

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For everyone contemplating joining CrossFit, or for those who have had trouble getting motivated lately, Heather S’s latest blog post couldn’t have come at a better time. Heather puts into words what so many of us think and feel and brings home this point: CrossFit isn’t always a thrilling competition. You’re not always going to win. You will only PR now and then. Not all wods are fun…in fact, some just feel terrible. It’s not relevant whether or not you are excited about what’s on the board; instead, it’s about getting yourself to the gym when you’re supposed to ESPECIALLY when you see elements you fear. As many can attest, it’s often the days you want to go the least that you get the most out of your workout. Check out her post, and keep it in mind the next time you want to hit snooze or skip the gym in lieu of the pool.


Thursday WOD

5×1 Heavy Strict Press + Max Rep Push Presses


AMRAP 12mins:

3 DB Man-Makers

9 Pull-ups

12 KB Swings





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