Words From Thom

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Words From Thom

“Comments on Centerville CrossFit: I thought a “gym” was a place to put my headphones in, do MY thing by MYself, work out (Well, what I THOUGHT was working out), laugh at Johnny Tough Guy who keeps looking in the mirror, and then leave.

CrossFit has taught me that a gym is more like a home. It is a place where you get your butt kicked, kick your own, succeed, fail and do so with people who all-of-the-sudden become more than someone you say “What’s up?” to. In fact, before you know it, those people who were once strangers (but only for a few minutes, because almost no one at Centerville CrossFit allows more than a minute or two to go by before walking up to new people and introducing themselves) are friends – some, very good friends. These are the kind of friends who UNDERSTAND, who GET IT. They GET what the physical challenges feel like. They GET what the pain feels like. They also GET EVERYONE’s PRs, and they cheer for every one of them. They GET juggling work (or being laid off), family and personal lives with eating decently (or not) and working out hard. And also understanding when we don’t eat that well or work out at all.

CrossFitters CARE about each other. WHAT? How can that be??? It’s “only a ‘gym’!” No. LA Fitness is a “gym.”

CCF is a place where the best CrossFitters genuinely cheer for and encourage those who are not there, yet.

Centerville CrossFit is a family of quiet people, loud/talkative people, rich people, those just scraping by, those in the middle, superstar athletes & people on their way, talented people, Conservatives, Liberals and everything inbetween.

I can’t believe a place where people work out, of all places, brings so many different people together and very strong bonds form between so many different kinds of people.

It’s the one thing I never expected and also one of the main things that makes it so good. I’m blessed to be part of it.”


Community Workout

This Saturday, November 5 we will be hosting our free monthly community wod. The community wod will be held at 10:00 am and take the place of our normal Saturday workout. In order to participate, current clients must bring a friend. If you’ve already been to one, please feel free to join us again! Email Meghan at meghanphilpot77@yahoo.com and include the name and email of your guest if you are interested!

Tuesday Wod


AMRAP 20 minutes


10 pistols

15 pull ups

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