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Last Saturday, our Paleo Challenge group met to sample some food, discuss our progress, and hear some tips from CCF member Shannon. Shannon is the busy mom of two, and she’s been living various levels of “clean” eating for some time now. She made the switch to Paleo last spring, and had a lot of great advice about feeding a family a variety of healthy foods, all while staying within a budget. Some of her tips:

*Plan: Each week Shannon checks her family’s schedules, scans her recipe books, and determines what they will eat for the week. After checking her cabinets and refrigerator, she makes a list of the items she will need. She also checks sale ads to see if there are any frequently used items she should stock up on, or any specials she should consider.

*Shop around: She has realized that driving to three stores (Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and now Earth Fare) is worth the time because each store has specific items they offer for much cheaper than the others. She organizes her grocery list according to each store, and buys extra if she finds a sale.

*Always have items for an “Oh s**t” meal: Life happens. Kids get sick, schedules get altered, and often we end up unable to follow our original plan. She always has the items necessary to throw together a quick family favorite if need be. One of her favorites is the Sun Dried Tomato Chicken from Everyday Paleo.

*Pack: Few of her family’s typical outing locations, such as the zoo, offer healthy options. Furthermore, what they do offer is outrageously expensive, so she always totes an extra bag with snacks, meals, and drinks so her family can stay fueled when on the go.

*Don’t pay for packaging: The more packaging something contains, the more expensive it is. For example, opt for the big bag of frozen chicken instead of the small box of individually packaged, vacuum sealed cuts.

*Frozen is fine: Don’t feel pressured to spend an arm and a leg on organic produce at the farmer’s market. Buy your family’s favorite vegetables in the frozen form and never worry about tossing what you can’t use in time again.

Thanks again to Shannon, from all of us! I know that everyone went home with new ideas that will make life easier!


Reminder: Our Eat Clean, Get Lean group will meet Wednesday at 6:00 pm for a Strongman workout and catered dinner!

Wednesday WOD

5-7 sets:

3 hang power snatch


30 double unders

Rest 2:30

**the goal for this workout is a time around 30-40ish seconds.

**If their first set is 50+ seconds, scale weight or reps.

**Sub lateral jumps for DUs rather than 30 singles.



Glute/Groin Mobility


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