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Look how far we have come the past two years… It amazes me everyday that I walk into the gym. Keep up the hard work guys.   


Master Your Nutrition Seminar, June 27th that's SUNDAY!

This could be the most significant 2 hours you spend in the gym ever.  If you are planning on being there remember we need a 5 day food journal tracking everything you eat.  Don't change any current habits.  This is to help us find out what types of foods you are eating.

Get the details here! Last week

Friday WOD

10 1-arm Choppers 
10 1-arm KB Cleans
10 1-arm Rack Squats 
10 1-arm KB Push Press
(Repeat with your other arm)
Run 400m

3 • 2 • Rounds

Double Unders 100 • 75 • 50

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. I miss old-foot-smell box.

  2. Casey S says:

    I miss it too! we need to get a ton of people and buy the whole place from them!

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