Xtra Punishment

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Todd is all smiles because he is doing his cool down.  But after these turkish get ups, he seemed confused to why it was called a cool down.  So Graham and I were talking today and are thinking about adopting Crossfit San Jose's name for cool down.  "Extra Punishment!" or aka XPun… You guys like?

Ps- We are talking about having another group trip to James' restaurant this saturday.  It is in Colerain, and would be this saturday night.  It is a great time and all are welcome. 

Pss… a lot of people have been asking about "rip prevention" I found a great article in the journal about this… and Kelly yes I told you grips were not good. This guy says they are… I take back what I said to you, he has dealt with rips a lot longer than I. Journal Rips

Tuesday WOD

5 Burpees
5 Deadlifts BW
5 Box Jumps

10 • 8 • 6 Rounds

Cool Down 

50• 35 • 20

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities


  1. James Humphrey, Jr. says:

    Nice find on the article, Mitch.

  2. I will placing my order TODAY!!!!

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